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[personal profile] tenacious_err: RIVER/DOCTOR - RAINBOW PLANET OF UNICORNS.


"Unicorns!" The Doctor declares, twirling as he excites the TARDIS.

River blinks against the bright sunlight and raises a hand to shield her eyes. "What?"

"Unicorns, River!" He gestures to the expansive field in front of them, the greenest green; unicorns pepper the landscape, their bright silvery manes nearly reflective in the sunlight. "I give you rainbows, silver lakes, trees so tall they can touch the stars! -- not actually, but there are actual stars here! Tiny little menageries made out of the dusts of a thousand different burning stars and planets; you can buy them in the market place!" Grabbing her hand, he pushes her in front of him and toward the nearest animal. "But most importantly - unicorns."

River rolls her eyes as a few of the creatures look up, appearing almost as if they're glaring at the Doctor for interrupting their solitude.

"I can see that, dear, but why--"

He silences her with a finger over her lips. "In the last week, we have been chased by Sontarans, shot at by Cybermen, stepped on by Adricaracks, narrowly evaded two murderous plots-"

"-technically they weren't for us, sweetie-"

"-jumped off a cliff - handcuffed! -"

"- don't tell me you didn't enjoy it-"

"-and I was forced to eat beans." He leans in conspiratorially. "Beans, River."

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1. I created a John/Elizabeth community on DreamWidth, because no internet platform should be without their lurve. [community profile] sheppard_weir Feel free to pimp.

2. Belated ALKWEJRAWLKRJAWFKLJF over here about THIS. THIS THIS FUCKING THIS. OKAY. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. It's River Song/Eliot Spencer (Leverage) fic AND graphics and it is FUCKING GLORIOUS, OKAY. Those two are my crossover!bffOTP and [ profile] cartography made this for me for my birthday EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESN'T WATCH DOCTOR WHO (YET) and did I mention ALKEJFAWELRJAWOELKRHAWKFJ?!

3. [personal profile] tenacious_err has given me permission to hack her LJ and post some of her fic. THIS IS AMAZING, OKAY. For those of you unfamiliar with [personal profile] tenacious_err's epicness, FIX THAT RIGHT NOW. She writes the awesomest fic ever. Once I'm done with grad apps, I will begin spamming her LJ with her fabulous writingness. REJOICE. GO.

4. I really just want to write fic but my brain is so tirrrreeeeed. *whines* :(

5. I think I need an SGA rewatch. On top of my Pretender-athon coming up with [personal profile] tenacious_err, my Doctor Who-athon with [profile] cutting_onions, my Doctor Who-athon with [ profile] cartography, and catching up with Warehouse 13, Leverage, Revenge, and Lost Girl. CAN I JUST GLUE MYSELF TO MY TV AND NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE?

6. ...that reminds me, I need to catch up on House.

7. And The Good Wife.

8. And eventually watch Babylon 5.


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